Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chapter 4

Andy woke to the unfamiliar sensation of another body wrapped around her. She lay on her side, head resting on a rather large bicep. The matching arm reached around to her stomach, hand flat on her bare skin. Knees notched behind hers, bent at the same angle and their owner breathed slowly and evenly against the base of her neck.

Don’t panic, she thought. Staying still, it was easy to let her imagination run wild with the fantasy of reality – waking up tangled in him as truth. He exhaled warmly into her hair and shifted in his sleep, notching his arm more tightly around her middle as if dreaming possessively. Warm and snug, Andy pushed common sense from her mind and drifted back to sleep.

She rolled onto her back, waking him up. He wasn’t used to sleeping next to someone, his body mimicking her position naturally with the physical need to be close to her. She was soft and sultry in his arms, making him wonder how he ever stayed calm enough to fall asleep. Half a lucid thought and he hoped she wouldn’t wake up with his erection poking her in the thigh. He settled into her side, one leg over hers, and tried to slip back into a dream that looked pretty much exactly like his reality right now.

When he woke again she was still sleeping. Checkout from the hotel was in two hours, thought he would gladly have extended it to stay with her. Is this a second day? he wondered. Or is the morning after considered part of last night? He had the money, that didn’t matter at all. But was she… booked? Is she already spending tonight with someone else?

In the dark of the hotel room he contemplated a series of increasingly desperate scenarios: he would help her get a regular job; he would support her; he would marry her tomorrow and make sure she never had to do this again.

You’re an asshole, he told himself as he let go of her for the first time, rolling onto his back. She doesn’t want you. She clearly doesn’t need to be rescued by some pathetic fool who could barely hold it together long enough to have the sex he paid for. This girl… this girl. As the magic of the night drained away, the lie he’d willingly believed seemed hugely impossible. I shouldn’t have asked her to stay. If she’d gone, I could have at least kept my illusions. She stirred next to him, snuggling back into his body where he’d put space between them. He closed his eyes, steeling himself against the smooth heat of her body and the scent of her hair. Despite his deepening self-disgust, his penis twitched beneath the sheets as she pulled herself close. Fuck. He hated himself for being so weak.

“Hi,” she murmured sleepily, lifting her head. Long, silky hair tickled his arm and washed across his chest. She smiled drowsily. Her slightly smudged makeup looked even sexier than the night before, like she’d had a really good time.

Gray, he knew instantly. Her eyes are gray. And he was right back where he started.

Jesus was the first thought that came to Andy’s mind. His hair was flat from sleeping on his side. Those soft, full lips she’d tasted so many times were a little dry, like they waited for her kiss. She didn’t need to look beneath her arm or leg for proof that his body was as incredible as she remembered. So enthralled, she nearly missed the look of hesitation that flashed in his eyes.

No, please. Please don’t say I couldn’t help. Andy brought her hand to his face and once again touched the bruise beneath his eye – it was dark black and blue now, angry and heavy-looking. He closed his eye as she brushed the skin.

“Does it hurt?” she asked softly.

He shook his head no. “Is it ugly?”

Andy waited from him to look at her. “You could never be ugly.”

God, stop doing that, he wished. Stop being so good at your job. But he was already doing something else. He rolled into her, ignoring the part of his heart that said he was in danger. She latched onto him with arms and legs, no way for either of them to change their minds.

Give in to me, Andy thought. She kissed him, morning breath and all, and he instantly surrendered. His kiss was heated, passionate but something of last night’s fear had subsided. He ran his hands over her body, naked beneath the sheets, raising chills of anticipation across her skin. Lower down, his rising excitement pulsed persistently against her stomach.

It was easy this time, or at least easier, to quiet his inner warning system. Maybe she had given him a little confidence after all. He pressed her thighs apart with his knees and touched every part of her he could reach. She moved onto his hand, taking his fingers deeper inside as she whispered encouraging sounds. Then Andy turned her attention to him, stroking his hard-on with a firm hand until he trembled with desire. She slid the tip of his cock over the wetness he’d created.

Not okay, this is not okay, she thought as she reached for a condom. Andy knew it was wrong to wake up wanting him, but her body had not gotten the message. As he filled the space in her with his hot flesh, she moaned against his neck, “Oh God.”

Her words calmed his mind while his body rioted. She drew him in, pulled at him, her body practically begging for more. That cannot be fake, he wanted to believe. She can lie, she can sell, but she cannot make this happen by will alone. They moved together, steadily and without the anxious rush of the night before. Andy felt then he’d needed release, needed to control something just a little. This morning, it might be her turn.

He was surprised when she rolled on top. He was even more surprised when she smiled down at him, long twisted waves of hair draped over her shoulders, reaching her gorgeous, creamy breasts. She spread her long fingers across his flexed abs and shimmied herself around on his cock.

Andy moaned without even hearing herself. His stomach and thighs where taut beneath her hands and ass. She lifted and dropped, twisted and rolled, using him to pleasure herself. Their eyes stayed locked together, each watching to see if the other’s mask would crack. Judging by the look on his face, he was enjoying her too. She leaned in and swept her nipples over his chest, causing him to grab her sides and lift his hips, driving himself hard into her, lifting her with ease. She kissed him and tugged his bottom lip between hers. Then she moved his hand toward the middle and pressed his thumb into her clit.

No fucking way, he almost said out loud. She was gorgeous, delicious and everything she did screamed that she wanted him: she kissed him, she climbed on top, now she was going to let him watch as he got her off. When she smiled, dimples appearing, he got even harder.

This is totally selfish. He was spectacular to look at and even better to feel. He had needed her, been vulnerable before her, all but asked for her help. My help. And soon he would be gone, this incredible man she’d wanted from the sidelines for as long as she could remember. Before he left, Andy was going to get something to remember him by.

His strong fingers moved surely, circling and varying pressure. She complimented his motion by sliding herself up and down on his dick. It wasn’t long before her orgasm was bouncing like a ping-pong ball, coming so close only for him to lighten his touch and send it away. Then he brought it back. And again. The fifth or sixth time, she got so close she gasped.

“Stop playing with me!” she squealed.

“And miss this, are you kidding?” He smiled, wide and genuine, still rolling her clit with his thumb.

She gave him threatening look and bucked hard onto him. Two can play that game. She bit back a smile – he must feel a little better now. On her next stroke, she dropped her hips as far as they could go and froze, holding down so he stayed bottomed-out inside her.

“Fuck,” he rolled his head back, exposing his neck. She quickly leaned down and bit the soft flesh. In his mind it was more like Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckyeeessssssssssss. She was laughing and smiling, she was playing with him and she wanted him to play back. She wanted his personality. He pushed her back to sitting and set to work on her body.

Andy’s breath caught as he stroked hard, no longer kidding around. He matched strokes with his hands and hips, pumping at her from both sides with increasing force. Every time the shudder produced by his fingers faded, another pulsed from his cock. There was nowhere for her to go and no time to get there. She was coming.

Make the noise. He remembered what she’d sounded like last night, the mouth-watering, dick-hardening sound of her losing control.

She gasped sharply, then her body gave out. He picked the high note and strummed her clit as she bounced herself around in his lap. A bolt of warmth struck her stomach and flooded through her lower body. Her mouth fell open as a moan sobbed from her lungs. Andy ground herself around, digging for everything her pleasure had to give as he held on and watched.

Thank God. She came hard, onto his hand, and his whole body felt electrocuted. When she made the sound he’d been craving, he came too. He pulled her shoulders down, bringing her into his chest and crushing her mouth with his. He came with her wrapped in his arms, pumping three or four times before the tension in his body broke.

They lay together, not an inch between any part of their bodies, catching their breath. Andy’s heart pounded against his chest, putting the finishing touch on his total satisfaction.

“Can I see you again?” he blurted out, his brain and mouth failing to communication. A strand of her hair stuck to his forehead with sweat.

She opened her eyes to find him looking nervous and hopeful. “I would love that.”

Whew, he almost said. “Do I just call….”

“Uh,” Andy paused, not actually knowing the answer. “I guess so. Yeah, call.” Then she caught herself. You idiot! Way to make it look like no one ever calls for you again!

He said a silent prayer. Don’t let this make me look crazy. The last thing he needed was everyone thinking he was stalking a call girl. But he didn’t want to wait, not if he didn’t absolutely have to. Just as much, he wanted to know. If she was with him, she couldn’t be with someone else. He lifted onto his elbow, leaning over her. “Are you free tonight?”

YES! she wanted to yell. She wanted repeat business, wanted to impress Susanna. She didn’t want to risk getting a call from another player. But most of all, she wanted him. There was no point in pretending, as she lay half underneath his perfect body, sharing every breath: she wanted him. Andy steadied herself in time. “Yes, tonight is great.”

They dressed in last night’s clothes, talking easily about nothing. Andy fixed her makeup in preparation for the walk of shame. But he held the hotel room door open for her, put his arm around her waist in the elevator, walked her to her car.

“Dinner? I could pick you up at 7.”

“Perfect,” she punched his number into her phone, assigned a name then called him.

He leaned in and kissed her, lightly, like they were finishing a first date. I guess we are, he thought. “See you tonight.”

Andy climbed into her car and waved to him through the window. She watched him get smaller as he headed for the valet circle, her body aching slightly at his absence. Tonight, she told herself.

Two blocks later, her phone buzzed. She knew who it was, knew what it would say. But she giggled anyway at the name on the tiny screen: Mike Green.

Author's Note:

Okay, I know you all REALLY wanted a Penguin. This was a Mike Green story from the very beginning, but once everyone started lobbying for a Pen I came thisclose to changing it. I removed some things that were clearly not Sid (tattoo, etc)... but I couldn't make it work in my mind. I'd already mentioned an NBA team, which Pitt doesn't have, but it was more about the attitude of the story. I guess I don't think Sid stumbles as hard as Mike does sometimes.  Plus, I couldn't figure out how to let Sid and Andy be seen together without having to make it a big deal in Pittsburgh. Drinks in the hotel bar and leaving with the same girl the next morning? That's a whole other Sid story. 

As for Max and Kris... Mer is currently having her way with them far more intensely than I ever could: Rolling Thunder and Razorblade Kisses.

I know that no one likes Mike Green except for me, but hopefully you're liking this story enough to keep reading! Plus I know you all hate other people way more than Mike (I'm looking at you, Ovechkin!) and I will do my best to bring you some drama. 


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